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Bed and Breakfast

Are affordable, comfortable and enjoyable alternatives to hotels. From budget accommodations to elegant rooms and luxury, we suit all styles and tastes. They are friendly, pleasurable and tailor-made to suit either your business or recreational needs.

Each individually owned and operated member B&B promises you the kind of warm hospitality, personal service and attention to detail that makes for lasting memories.

Rooms are carefully selected to meet a high standard of professional hospitality. Breakfast is served each morning by the host or hostess who is often available to answer questions about Parry Sound vacation area. You are free to come and go at your leisure.

Definition of a Bed & Breakfast By Parry Sound & District Bed & Breakfasts

We define a Bed & Breakfast as: An owner-occupied private residential dwelling that is the owners’ principal residence and in which the owner has control of the environment. It provides temporary accommodation not exceeding 28 consecutive days, and amenities and services auxiliary to guest accommodation including the preparation and service of breakfast for an all inclusive fee.

Bed & Breakfast members homes are inspected every year to check for appropriate cleanliness and standards. As members they must adhere to provide proof of safe water and liability insurance.

Call or email any of our members for information and assistance with planning your stay and prepare to be pampered.

Cancellation:Check with each B&B host regarding their cancellation policy when making your reservation.

Disclaimer: By regular inspection of our members establishments PSBB hopes to provide consistently excellent service. However, the above mentioned accepts no liability whatsoever for any services or safety provided by any member to any guest, in any host residence.

Our Commitment

We will do everything possible to make your stay in the 30,000 island area a pleasure.

Bed and Breakfast Season

While some of our members operate in a "traditional" seasonal manner, many others conduct business year round and provide most of the amenities of larger establishments.


Most of our members offer a "Full Breakfast" is defined as one being along traditional English lines, including eggs and/or meat as well as the breads, toast, juice and coffee. Almost all our members specialize in home cooked specialties which help make your stay memorable. 

Breakfast is usually "chef's choice" with a designated serving time. Owners take pride in the breakfasts they serve and breakfast requires extensive preparation every morning, before the guests awake. Owners do their very best to prepare something that you will enjoy. Your hosts would like to serve everyone at the same time to ensure your breakfast is the best it can be.


Bed and Breakfasts are small establishments and not all accept credit cards. If an establishment accepts credit cards, it will generally be VISA or Mastercard. Some establishments will accept your personal check with proper identification, but we ask they you do not assume the method payment to save you and your host embarrassment. Always check on the method of payment when you make your reservation.


Reservations are essential at most B&Bs, particularly during the busy season. Be sure to reserve to avoid disappointment. When you book, be sure to discuss your requirements and confirm prices, services and other details. B&B owners tend to be delightfully helpful. Most B&B will hold your reservation until 7 PM unless prior arrangement have been made. If you plan to arrive earlier or later than the stated check-in time, please phone ahead to let them know. A guarantee, deposit, or advance payment is required at many bed & breakfast homes.


Bed & Breakfast owners know the value of holding rules to a minimum. No guest wants to spend his vacation being told what to do. You can be sure nobody's watching which fork you use or whether you extend your pinkie while sipping tea. But there are some things to be aware of when you stay at a bed and breakfast for the first time.

Over the years we have discovered that probably 70% of our guests have never been to a bed and breakfast before and ask us for the "rules" or to let them know what is required or expected of guests. Bed & Breakfasts around the world are all unique and will vary by country, region and even city.

Hints & Tips

Here are a few things for you to consider when staying at any true Bed & Breakfast. Respectful behaviour and common sense make most of these only simple reminders.


Please bring good manners and always be respectful of other guests. Bed & breakfast hosts enjoy the company of guests and enjoy sharing their home. Even more so when treated with respect. 


Although some owners welcome "walk-ins," most will require advance reservations that will be confirmed after a credit card is used to guarantee or a deposit is made to secure the reservation.


Each and every true Bed and Breakfast is someone's home, this is not a hotel with paid staff 24 hours per day. Check-in / Check-out times are so you can receive a heartfelt welcome when you arrive. 

A call shortly before you arrive is appreciated. Always try to call ahead if you are going to arrive early or late. Your hosts would hate to miss you or already be in bed.


Many bed & breakfast require a bathroom to be shared between two rooms. Please leave the bathroom in the same condition as you would like to find it. If the bathroom is shared this may mean allowing time for others to shower, before breakfast.


Pets, smoking, children, dietary restrictions, unusual arrival times, and outside guests are all things that should be clarified when making a reservation. Never assume you can bring a temporary bed or children or additional friends. 

Most B&B's have one bed per room unless they advertise a family room.Kitchen priviledges are usually not available. 

Food you bring into the house should be eaten at the dining room table or on the deck and not in the bedrooms. Always ask your hosts.

Each room of a bed & breakfast has been carefully decorated. The re-arranging of furniture is best left to your hosts.