Our Local Restaurants

Bay Street Cafe - Parry Sound

Great location overlooking the harbor...

22 Bay Street Parry Sound, Ontario
(705) 746-2882

Bistro on the Bay - Parry Sound

We are located at 2 James Street in Parry Sound, Ontario, near the port facilities. Our “on-the-deck” dining experience provides a pleasing view of the Seguin River rapids as well as the nearby Georgian Bay port itself. Indoor seating is also available, of course.

We are pleased to offer our valued customers a fine dining menu that includes shrimp and mussels in six different sauces, pickerel, salmon, filet mignon, Cornish hen, rack of lamb, stuffed pork tenderloin, some wonderful pastas, and a variety of delicious homemade desserts. We also provide vegetarian and gluten free options.

2 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario
(705) 746-3712

Cross Roads - Rosseau

Nothing works up an appetite for a hearty meal more than a long, sunny day on the water or navigating rural Muskoka and Parry Sound trails and side roads. If you’re anywhere near Rosseau, Crossroads, in the heart of the village at the intersection of Highway 141 and Aspdin Road, offers the perfect cure — a large selection of delicious and filling meals with a Lake Rosseau view. 

With two menus, one for lunch and another for dinner, the restaurant caters to the tastes of every tourist and local resident — from black angus beef burgers, to lamb rack, fillet of pickerel, smoked salmon and steak or jumbo shrimp dishes. Heading in for a dinner for two, it’s easy to find comfort in the spacious open-concept restaurant, or on a patio of rough hewn planks, thick rope railings and beams that give the impression you just might be on a dock, despite the fact you’re on a hill overlooking the water. 

Highly recommended, we always enjoy eating here and our guests always assure us they enjoy the meals at this location. Located South East of Parry Sound, in Muskoka.

2 Cardwell Rd, Rosseau, ON, P0C 1J0
(705) 732-4343

Gilly's - Snug Harbour

A must visit after spending a day at Kill Bear Park. Casual but great food and outstanding fish a chips. The beer batter and local perch are truly excellent. Being English and we know the taste of good fish & chips, this place is rustic from the outside, like a family cottage on the inside and full of Canadian atmosphere.

Gillys is locacted at the end of a long country road, you think you are lost, then you well find this gem in the harbour overlooking a red & white lighthouse.

Gillys is favourite for lot's of cottagers and any one camping at Killbear Park.

Highly recommended, our guests always assure us they enjoy the meals at this location.

Located North West of Parry Sound

138 Snug Harbour Road, Carling, ON P0G 1G0
(705) 342-5552

Log Cabin - Parry Sound

This rustic Log Cabin provides the perfect ambience for fine dining and an extraordinary wine cellar. Known for their warm and friendly atmosphere the Log Cabin Inn boasts exceptional cuisine and service.

Located South of Parry Sound

Highly recommended, our guests always assure us they enjoy the meals at this location.

9 Little Beaver Blvd, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W8
(705) 746-7122

Trappers - Parry Sound

Very casual dining experience, substantial grandma's style cooking.

Very friendly home style service.

50 Joseph Street Parry Sound, Ontario
(705) 746-9491

Wellingtons - Parry Sound

Located in Parry Sound, Wellington's Pub & Grill has been a long time favorite of locals and visitors alike! Recommended by Outdoor Canada magazine and Georgian Bay Boating & Explore Magazine. 

Voted Parry Sound’s Best Casual Dining Restaurant 2007–2014, Ribs 2007–2014, Chicken Wings 2012 - 2014, Business of the Year 2013.Wellington’s celebrates the rich history of Parry Sound and its people.

The walls are covered with historical photos dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century depicting the life and activities in this community.Historic artifacts including currency, stamps, stock certificates of local companies from the turn of the century; along with collectables from shipping, railway and other enterprises of days gone by, are on display throughout the restaurant. 

105 James Street Parry Sound, Ontario P2A 1T7
(705) 746-1333